”The Difference is Clear!”

The idea to build camouflage that is 100% in focus started in 2007 when an obsessed waterfowl hunter, who spent more than 30 years in the outdoors in Mississippi, saw a huge need in the outdoors that was being overlooked. Through a lot of trial and error, the final product, Muddy Water Camo, was created by using new technology and proprietary techniques.  In fact, the proprietary techniques were so unique that Muddy Water Camo, LLC was issued patent # US 8,971,661 B2 in March 2015 for method of making camouflage.

Since the introduction of Clear Image Camo’s Muddy Water pattern, our line of camouflage has grown to include Timber Tantrum™ and NfOAKus (pronounced “in focus”). Originally designed for hunting flooded timber, theTimber Tantrum pattern has been equally accepted by deer hunters. With water reflections serving as the background for this pattern, today’s hunter can easily move from flooded timber to the treestand with the same great effectiveness.  After all, water reflects the natural surrounding elements including the sky.  The different angles of reflection make Timber Tantrum one of, if not, the most versatile camo on the market.

Our new NfOAKus™ pattern (pronounced “n-focus”) takes camouflage to the next level.  The design and look of NfOAKus separate it from other patterns on the shelf and, most importantly, in the woods.  Most camouflage patterns on the market use a muddled or distorted background an d add elements over the top of the background to create the illusion of depth.  New NfOAKus has no distorted background and better replicates the elements of nature from any distance. The right amount of green and brown leaves  make the NfOAKus pattern effective year round.

In the future, our company will focus on creating, marketing and licensing the most effective camouflage patterns on the market, and help hunters get closer than ever before to the game that fuels their passion.  When compared to other patterns on the market, remember… the difference is clear!


Will Clark with a Mississippi brute he tagged behind his Timber Tantrum camo.


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